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Long time no post. That's cause I always use Facebook these days.

I have entered Sarah into a Global Baby Photo Contest arranged by http://www.communitykorea.com/ and  http://english.11st.co.kr/html/en/main.html
The main prize in a chance to be a model with  http://www.babyasia.co.kr/
Which is cool but what I'm interested in is the runner up prize which is shopping vouchers for 11st. Those vouchers would really help me out :p
The criteria is 50% likes on Facebook then 50% photogenic ability.

The average likes are about 200-300 so we need as many as possible to be considered.

So if you have a facebook account please follow this link and like the picture of Sarah.

It would really help us out.


Sorry old stuff - I will delete later on

Character study: FaiCharacter study: Fai Practicing drawing Fai from Tsubasa
3rd year animation project3rd year animation project 13ep animation series about a class of elementary students. Never got finished. I got into a fight with a set of drawers and lost.
Real life studyReal life study Mihashi cosplay from Ofuri.

Forever and ever and ever...

Wow it's summer again.

I havn't updated this since I started working. 
I'd really like to post more on my thoughts about Korea and Korean language but it's just going to have to wait for another 2 months (when my contract ends)

I occasionally update facebook. Whats twitter again? Haha my ipod touch broke so I can't be botherd with it for now.
I'll be getting a smartphone hopefully in December sometime. Maybe I'll go back to it then.

A quick summery of my life.

I moved house. I love it!
Bit of a building site at the moment but they're building a large supermarket down the road and my bank is opening round the corner.  

I hate my job. 
Well it's a complicated emotion. I really enjoy teaching but the hours (9.20am - 7pm) are too stressfull when I also have to be a mother and a housewife at the same time.  

Well I have a thousand things to do. hopfully be back in 2 months ^^/

Facebook and Twitter

Just linked my LJ to Facebook and Twitter. Sounds interesting so lets test it out!

Summer in Korea is also horror season... or at least supernatural. This year both KBS and SBS went with the theme of Gumiho (nine tailed fox)

I havn't talked about any K-drama for a while because nothing has kept my interest. It could be because of the language barrier since I wasn't able to watch anything on the laptop (the graphics card died then Sarah decided to give it a shower)

Well we have a new PC now so I can finally catch up on subs. Especially Gumiho ui Boksoo (구미호의 복수 )

 The Ninetailed Fox's Revenge
asdjophomg! !!

This drama should be renamed 101 ways of Torture XD
It's heart renching and it dosn't help that the main theme has a sound like a childs cry making you feel all that more for the fox child and her mother who are the main characters. ^^;

I can't believe it has such a low rating on MySoju even Hunny started  watching it and he dosn't like supernatual stories. Although it took him a few eps to get into it. It was a little slow and just a bit misleading in the begining ^^;

 I normally don't care about acting ability but So Shin Ae is only 12 years old! She is a fantastic in this drama. (can't say anymore without major spoilers)

 The last 2 eps air today and tomorrow and I have no idea what is going to happen it's been a complete rollercoaster ride!

 내 여자친구는 구미호  My girlfriend is a nine tailed fox

I'm watching this because my husband is watching it. It;s the total opposite of the above drama and has some hillarious scenes in it but i'm just not following the 2 main characters. I'll give it a chance though see where it goes.

Korean Vocab Test 1

Had 1 radical and a picture from that I had to give the korean word.

I think I got about 13 out of 20. I need to put a little more effort in. ;;
Not going to put the answers in so I can test myself until I get them all right.
Vocab TestCollapse )

Korean Vocab day 21

Back to 16 words per day but half of it is revision

카 키 파 피 구 그 두 드Collapse )